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Winter School for Field Snowpack Measurements

Snowpack properties are needed for hydrological models, ground truth for remotely sensed data, ecological models, avalanche forecasting, and a wide variety of other applications. There are two important user groups that are dependent on both high-quality measurements and an understanding of what those measurements actually mean and represent in the real world. Practitioners often collect and use field data for their own purposes. Modelers and remote sensers often obtain the snowpack data from field practitioners or other researchers, but have little knowledge of meaning or richness of the data they are using beyond the basics (e.g. snow depth, mean density, etc.). The course is aimed at teaching skills to practitioners and modelers to increase the quality of the results for all snow data users. The course will introduce students to standard and specialized, quantitative and qualitative, methods of characterizing the snowpack.

Applications must be received by December 2, 2013. See course syllabus below.

Contact: Dr. Kelly Elder via email:

Contact: Dr. Kelly Elder via email:

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